The wedding dress begins

I love working with fabric – whether it be sewing a garment, or stitching a piece of embroidery. But I think I must have been gripped by insanity when I decided I wanted to make my own wedding dress.

The truth is, the majority of wedding dresses just don’t appeal to me. White isn’t my colour, and I certainly don’t want a dress that means needing assistance to go to the toilet!

For a long time I’ve thought that I would want a lovely shade of antique silver. The style eluded me, however. Being of rather petite build, I knew a straight sillhouette would work best. I didn’t want anything too plain however – something flowing and ethereal seemed more fitting to my dreams. First, I thought about trying to recreate this Vera Wang dress:

Vera Wang wedding dress

For a moment I was lost in luxurious layers of fluffy georgette. Then it dawned on me just how much fabric a skirt like that would take, and how frustrating it would be to cut out all those layers and stitch them in place. Plus, I had a funny feeling those raw edges would have me tangled up in loose threads and stumbling down the aisle.

So I kept looking. Then, one day, I stumbled across this dress on Pinterest:

The bodice wasn’t what I was after (I yearn for the comfort of shoulder straps), but that skirt. And now, armed with 10 metres of cheap chiffon, the challenge is one to make a successful mock-up of that gorgeous skirt. To be continued …

2 Comments on “The wedding dress begins”

  1. Ellaine says:

    Congratulations on starting your blog! I greatly admire your sense of style, and am looking forward to following the progress of your wedding dress (and whatever else you care to blog about). Looks like an interesting list of links to explore, also – I love it when bloggers share these!

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