Foodie Friday: Wild Mushroom and Duck Risotto

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that, besides stitching, I really, really love cooking. The Mister was getting home on Tuesday (he works away), so I wanted to cook something special. Last week we got a delivery from Somerled Wines, and apart from two very enticing bottles of wine, there was an amazing-sounding recipe for Duck and Mushroom Risotto.

It’s a pretty impressive feat that this sounded good to me, since I normally loathe mushrooms (not so much the taste as the horrible rubbery texture). But I trotted into the Central Market and picked up some chanterelle and dried wild mushrooms, as well as duck breasts and some good quality risotto rice.

The recipe took a while (all that stirring), and it was a little gluggier that I would’ve liked, but the final result was well worth the effort:

Wild Mushroom and Duck Risotto / Needle & Cloth

The star was definitely the mushrooms – the wild mushrooms were reconstituted and fried off before being stirred through the risotto. Meanwhile the fresh chanterelles were soaked in the stock and wine mixture that was used in the risotto, before being added to the dish at the very end. I loved the vibrant golden colour of the chanterelles while they were soaking:

Wild Mushroom and Duck Risotto 2 / Needle & Cloth

Finally, I feel it’s my duty to warn you what happens if you don’t keep an eye on your feline overlord when you’re taking photos. I’m just grateful she doesn’t have a taste for human food!

Kaylee / Needle & Cloth

One Comment on “Foodie Friday: Wild Mushroom and Duck Risotto”

  1. EROSE says:

    Duck is my favorite protein! Yum!!

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