Musings on pattern darning

I have a embroidery crush at the moment, and it goes by the name of pattern darning. I will confess that it is so far an unfulfilled crush – I haven’t actually picked up my needle and tried it out. But lovely creations like this tempt me so much:

These gorgeous patches by Karen Barbé are the first thing that whetted my appetite. I love the combinations of colours and stitches to create such lovely little textural patterns.

Then there was this gorgeous little scissor fob by Betsy Morgan. Betsy mentions that she found the pattern darning fairly tedious, but that isn’t enough to dissuade me! I love the way it looks both rustic and contemporary all at once.

I’ve done a little research into the technique, and I love the idea of using it to create some pretty pins, similar to these lovely creations by Allene La Spina from Urbahnika.

Sadly my time at the moment is all taken up with wedding dress preparations, as well as job applications in preparation for our move to Brisbane, so I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to experiment with this.

If you’ve tried pattern darning, or you have another technique you think I need to check out, I’d love to hear from you!

One Comment on “Musings on pattern darning”

  1. Ellaine says:

    I always associated darning with socks…my eyes are opened! Love the combination of textures and colours in Karen’s patches.

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