Weekend Round-up: 29 September 2011

Spring is here, and along with it the first buds on one of my David Austin roses. I’m so excited to see it bloom – especially having never grown roses before.

With the warm weather coming (especially with the move to Brisbane), I’m thinking of picking up some gorgeous cotton prints and whipping up a few of these adorable skirts.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to bake something as much as I want to bake these White Peach, Rose and Basil Hand Pies.

And more baking: for the most part I loathe bananas, but I make an exception for banana bread. This recipe from Smitten Kitchen looks like one I’ll have to try out.

When we move to our new place, I want to celebrate by buying new tea towels (seriously, there are so many stunning ones out there). I think these gorgeous watercolour designs might have just moved to the top of my list.

The gorgeous blue embroidery definitely caught my eye in this article about stunning Castelo Branco embroidery from Portugal over at Feeling Stitchy.

2 Comments on “Weekend Round-up: 29 September 2011”

  1. Shoko says:

    Wonderful round-up! And I agree with you – white peach, rose, and basil? Never heard of anything like it – must try that ASAP!

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