Stitching and procrastination

You know how in interviews you always get asked what your biggest weakness is? And apparently everyone says “perfectionism”, but you’re not meant to say that because it’s not really a flaw and it just sounds arrogant and pretentious. Well, my flaw isn’t perfectionism (I can be a perfectionist when the occasion suits, but it doesn’t rule me). No, my friends, I am a procrastinator. I’ve learnt techniques to manage it at work, but when it comes to my hobbies … there’s the pair of socks I promised the Mister for his birthday at the beginning of February this year (I’ve barely turned the heel on the first sock), the vest I’ve been knitting for a year, the jumper I’ve been knitting for two.

And then there’s the piece of embroidery I’ve been stitching for work … for months. It’s such a simple piece – and perhaps that’s why I’ve never been able to find time for it. But finally, the last French knots have been added, and the stitching is done! All I have to do now is construct the final piece. Here are a few glimpses:

(The threads are gorgeous variegated threads hand-dyed by Pam from Cottage Garden Threads.)

Finally I’m free to move onto some of the other projects that have been bubbling away in my mind. I’m kicking off with a biscornu for a swap I’m taking part in over at Ravelry. I spent a few minutes in my lunch break sketching up a design:


I’ve also been playing around with palettes over at ColourLovers – at the moment I’m contemplating something along these lines, but I’ll have to see what I have in my thread stash.


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