Weekend Roundup: 6 October

Svartifoss Cascade by Victor Montol

Sorry this is a bit late! I was away in Sydney this weekend, and thought I had scheduled the post to go up on Saturday. Except that I scheduled it to go up on November 5 instead …

We’re starting to get a bit more serious about planning our honeymoon – I can’t wait to see Iceland! I’ve been exploring the idea of couchsurfing – it looks like a great way to meet some locals. Meanwhile, in this week’s travels I saw:

A fantastic embroidery project pouch by Aneela Hoey – I really need to make one of these, instead of toting my embroidery around in a plastic bag.

Maybe I could use it when recreating this gorgeous embroidered placket.

While we’re renting, I can only daydream about beautiful decorating ideas. I’m not really a fan of bare lightbulbs, but I might make an exception for these crystal bulbs.

But my true home-based daydreams consist solely of beautiful kitchens.

My own kitchen might not be fancy, but it’ll be good enough to make a crushed olive and celery salad – it sounds so simple, but I have a feeling it’ll be very tasty.

One Comment on “Weekend Roundup: 6 October”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Wow; Iceland! That sounds like a dream honeymoon spot 🙂

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