Wedding Dress Wednesday: One step backwards

Has it really been almost two weeks since my last post? Sorry for my absence – but then it wasn’t unexpected! If all goes right, we should be in Brisbane in two weeks time, which is just crazy.

On the weekend I decided to fit it one last bodice fitting before we moved. I hoped this would be my last fitting, and used a polyester satin so that I could see how it worked with a softer fabric. Well, it’s safe to say things didn’t go as planned.

Firstly, sorry for the disgusting state of my mirror. So what’s going on here? Well, the first problem was the horrible, horrible fabric I used. That stuff is the rebellious teenager of fabrics – it’s going to do what it wants, when it wants, and if you try and get it to change it’ll just get even worse. This satin would not hold a crease, which meant I couldn’t fold the seam allowances under, and it was just really hard to manipulate in general. So I’m going to go back to calico for my next few fittings, then use lining fabric as an approximate of the crepe de chine I’m planning on using for the final dress.

The other big problem was that I took the shoulder seams in too much, so everything was just sitting too high. I also didn’t do my grading correctly, so the side seams in particular didn’t meet up properly. But given I’ve never done any grading before in my life, I’m not surprised I’m making mistakes! At least I know where I’m going wrong.

The good news is that last night I managed to score this amazing haul:

A woman my mother does embroidery with studied dressmaking years ago, and wanted to get rid of her textbooks. We traded her some new quilting books and fabrics in return. I’m so stoked about this – especially the Helen Joseph Armstrong – I’ve been wanting to get a copy of that for ages! The one on the front left, Modern Pattern Design, also has some fabulous retro designs. Would you be interested in seeing some reviews of these? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

4 Comments on “Wedding Dress Wednesday: One step backwards”

  1. Ellaine says:

    Two weeks? Crazy time! Yes, please, to the reviews. Deifnintely! I love the understated cover of Modern Pattern Design.

  2. Becky says:

    I’d love to see some reviews–what a great score!

  3. Hi Jessica. Ellaine over at Inspirations/CB got me on to your blog, which I’m now following. I’m looking forward to seeing your wedding dress unfold, I love the bodice style you’ve chosen. And being a fellow embroiderer and keen on cooking, I’m also looking forward to seeing more of both. Yes please to reviews, the covers of Metric Pattern Cutting and Modern Pattern Design are great. Take care, Kelly

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Kelly, it’s great to see you over here – I’ll have to say thanks to Ellaine! I’ve loved your work that’s come into CB, so I’ll definitely have to make sure I follow your blog now that I’ve left 🙂

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