In which I am very slack

Remember when I started Mason Bee’s gorgeous Hi Honey embroidery pattern? I had fully intended to finish it within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the move threw things into a lot more disarray than I’d expected, and I didn’t manage to get it finished until the beginning of January. And then, with my parents visiting, it was hard to find time to photograph it. But finally:

Hi Honey by Mason Bee ~ needleandcloth

It’s still in the hoop, and I don’t have any construction plans for it at the moment. I can picture it as the front panel of a really sweet cushion, but it’s not something I’d use at the moment, so I’m going to leave it as it is for now.

I did have a few problems transferring the design (mostly due to the slightly ribbed nature of my fabric). So my stems, for example, are nowhere near as complex as in the original pattern – but I kind of like the clean aesthetic I ended up with, which is why I chose to omit the leaves.

Working with the Renaissance Dyeing wools was a delightful experience. Being a little finer than a standard crewel wool, they produce a lovely line.

Hi Honey by Mason Bee ~ needleandcloth

The colours are also fabulous. Some of them are so vibrant that it’s hard to believe they were dyed with natural materials.

Hi Honey by Mason Bee ~ needleandcloth

If you’re looking for a fun embroidery pattern to bring a little sunshine to your day, this is a great one to pick up. New embroiderers will find lots of handy tips to get them started, while more experienced stitchers can add their own twist to the design. You can buy the pattern from Laura’s Etsy shop, and to make it even better, 50p from every sale goes to the British Bee Keepers Association!

One Comment on “In which I am very slack”

  1. It looks fab Jessica, and I like the grass as you’ve done it. It really is quite flexible. And fab choice of colours!

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