Wedding Dress Update


No, you’re not going crazy, it’s not actually Wednesday. I’m just too impatient to wait until Wednesday to post this!

So, I ordered the fabric on Saturday. I managed to find the perfect shade of grey in a silk satin and georgette – they didn’t have it in stock, but fortunately someone else had placed an order for the same material (for bridesmaids dresses, apparently), so I was able to piggyback on their order.

I was able to get a little sample of the fabrics:


And then somehow this fell into my shopping bag:



Isn’t it stunning? It’ll make an amazing centrepiece for my bodice. What I’m planning is to do a trial run bodice with a high neckline, position the motif, and then draw in the neckline in a way that suits the motif.

Also, I’ve gone back to the original plan for the skirt. I tried out the gathered effect, but I think you’d actually need to treat the fabric (something along the lines of fine pleating?) to get that effect.

I’m pretty nervous about it now that it’s actually happening – I just hope it all turns out OK.




One Comment on “Wedding Dress Update”

  1. Ellaine says:

    Wow, what a find!

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