Wedding Dress Update

Today has not been a good day. Today was the day that I realised I’m not going to be able to make my skirt work the way I wanted. I’m just not skilled enough to get it to drape how I wanted. And the elephant in the room I’d been ignoring – the seam down the front – suddenly stomped around and smashed a whole heap of things.

So I phoned my mum, cried a bit, and we came up with a solution, which is essentially this Burda pattern:

Burda wedding dress

I’ll still have a princess-seamed bodice, and the skirt will be one layer of satin and two layers of georgette. I’ll have enough georgette to be able to use it for the sash as well. I had been planning to self-line the bodice, but now I’ll have to use a lining fabric; fortunately the shop I bought my dress fabric from convinced me to buy lining for the skirt (which I wasn’t convinced I needed), so I can use that for the bodice.

I’m not sure that I’m completely happy yet; the other night I had a nightmare that my dress didn’t work out, and today I’ve felt a little bit like it’s been coming true. But hopefully it will work out in the end.



2 Comments on “Wedding Dress Update”

  1. Becky says:

    I’m sorry to hear that the design details are still being so frustrating! Hopefully this version will work out well for you, and I’m glad you can still keep all of the work you’ve done on fitting the bodice. The georgette will be lovely on this! I was originally thinking of doing a skirt similar to this on mine, since it would be more in keeping with the original Cambie pattern, but ended up deciding on the smoother silhouette. Mostly for saving myself a few yards of fabric/underlining/lining, since I’ve been doing mine all couture style.

    Hang in there–we’re all cheering you on!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks! I’m feeling much more positive about it today – I think it’s all going to work out well 🙂

      I love the straight skirt on yours! I was worried that with my overskirt being in grey georgette, if I went with a straight skit it might look a bit lifeless, so hopefully the gathers will give it that flow and interest I think it needs!

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