Wonderful Wool

Life is a little stressful at the moment, to say the least. We’re meant to be moving in just over three weeks, and we have nothing organised – we don’t even have anywhere to live. So I’m finding solace in nice things at the moment – like the lovely Rennaisance Dyeing wools that showed up in my letterbox today!

I ordered the Elizabethan range, which is created using the natural dyes that were used during Elizabethan ranges. The yarn is beautifully soft, and the colours are so rich and gorgeous!

It’s really interesting reading the information about the various dyes on the website. But the bit that made me laugh out loud (at work, no less!) was hidden down the bottom of the page:

We have named the crewel hand embroidery thread where possible as they would have been called in the time of Elizabeth the First. Azure and Blue Regue being but 2 of the 15 woad blues produced at the time. We have spared you the dubious honour of producing your hand dyed wool or embroidery thread work in colours such as ‘puke’, ‘dead Spaniard’ and ‘goose-turd-green’.

I can’t wait to get stitching with it! Fortunately I have just the project too. Laura over at Mason Bee put a shout out the other day for test stitchers, and I was lucky enough to be selected. I’ve got the design traced and mounted in my hoop – now I just have to finish up the last bit of stitching and construction on the biscornu I’m making for a swap, and I can get started. Bring on the weekend!