Fitting woes

Why is it that I can find dresses in the shops that fit me perfectly, but when it comes to making my own I just can’t get in right?

I think we need to start a conversation about fitting your own clothes when you don’t have someone else around to help. (I have tried to train up the cats, but their lack of opposable thumbs makes it difficult.)

What are your tips?


Wedding Dress Wednesday: Endings and Beginnings


So, here I find myself, with the last Wedding Dress Wednesday post. We got our professional photographs yesterday, by the wonderful Scout from Whitewall Photography.







Besides Scout, I have to thank Morgan from The Tenth Meadow for her beautiful flowers, and David from David Frith Jewellery for not only our rings, but also my and my bridesmaids’ earrings. A special mention to Clare and Ben at Yangoora Estate/Anderson Hill, for such a lovely venue.

And, of course, to Matt, for bringing everything that’s wonderful into my life.

PS It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t leave you with an outtake!


Wedding Dress Wednesday: The Big Reveal!


I know it’s been a while, but it took me surprisingly long to get a photo that actually showed my dress! Now one’s finally here, so I had to share it with you. I hope you like it.

needleandcloth / wedding day

Was I 100% happy with my work? No. Would I have done things differently if I had the benefit of hindsight? Absolutely.

But I felt really good on the day. And I think I looked pretty good. And I was incredibly, joyously happy to be marrying the man I love, which is all that matters.

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Pretty!


The motif is attached!


It’s a bit hard to see on the mannequin, because in this case she’s just not close enough to my measurements. But it’s looking really good!

I put in some fusible interfacing, but I’m not happy with it; the adhesive isn’t very good, and it’s causing bubbles. So once the lining has been attached around the neckline and armholes I’ll take the interfacing out – it can just provide a bit of extra support behind the motif and along the seamlines.

I am a little bit concerned about how heavy the motif is. I’m going to put in a waist stay, which should help. I’m also thinking that, maybe in addition to fully lining the bodice, I should add a facing around the neckline in a firmer fabric. What do you think?

Wedding Dress Update

The dress is coming along really well now. The silk satin is *beautiful* to work with, and I love it looks. The colour is just perfect. But now I’m up to the bit where I have to make these two pieces into one:

I’m askeered!

Review: Clover Patchwork Pins

The wedding dress is going much better today – I’m feeling more positive about the change of design. Today’s aim is to get the final muslin completed, so I can start on the real thing tomorrow. I might be able to get most of it done this weekend, depending on how long it takes me to appliqué the motif.

This morning I went shopping for a few essentials – interfacing, zip and a new rotary cutter blade. I realised I should also get some sharp new sewing machine needles and pins.

I had planned to buy the trusty Birch wedding and lace pins. But when I was over in the quilting section getting my rotary cutter blade, I saw that they had quilting pins that were even finer than the Birch ones. I weighed up all my options, and eventually picked up the Clover Patchwork Pins (Fine).


It would not be going too far to say that these things have made my weekend. To start off with, one little thing that I always appreciate with pins: a good case. This one has a sturdy little fastening that keeps the pins safe and sound. I can be a bit forgetful and clumsy, so knowing that my pins aren’t going to go everywhere when I inevitably knock them off the table is reassuring.


The pins themselves are a delight to work with. They’re so smooth and sharp, they glide through the fabric as easy as can be. I’m using butchers paper for my patterns (the movers left a pile of it behind when they packed up our kitchen in Adelaide, so I snaffled it for my sewing room) and the pins go through it like it’s nothing.

I also really appreciate the glass heads – it makes it easy to see and pull out the pins when you need to. When you’re working on a big project, little details like that can help to preserve your sanity! Finally, the packaging does note that the pins are heat resistant and can be ironed, but I don’t think I’ll be trying that out any time soon – I always worry about scratching my iron!

So there it is – one of the best finds I’ve come across for my sewing. I’d love to hear your favourite finds too!

Wedding Dress Update

Today has not been a good day. Today was the day that I realised I’m not going to be able to make my skirt work the way I wanted. I’m just not skilled enough to get it to drape how I wanted. And the elephant in the room I’d been ignoring – the seam down the front – suddenly stomped around and smashed a whole heap of things.

So I phoned my mum, cried a bit, and we came up with a solution, which is essentially this Burda pattern:

Burda wedding dress

I’ll still have a princess-seamed bodice, and the skirt will be one layer of satin and two layers of georgette. I’ll have enough georgette to be able to use it for the sash as well. I had been planning to self-line the bodice, but now I’ll have to use a lining fabric; fortunately the shop I bought my dress fabric from convinced me to buy lining for the skirt (which I wasn’t convinced I needed), so I can use that for the bodice.

I’m not sure that I’m completely happy yet; the other night I had a nightmare that my dress didn’t work out, and today I’ve felt a little bit like it’s been coming true. But hopefully it will work out in the end.